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Q:Are the Testing Kits faulty or are they correct?

That’s very hard to say…But as long as the same person could test positive as well as negative in the same day or the same week, I do believe that it’s safe to assume that they are faulty.

Q: Who is going to test positive for Covid19?

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It’s my personal belief that most people (if not all), that had the Flu vaccination at any time, will always test positive for any virus pertaining to the corona family.My belief is based on many scientists and medical practitioners’s opinion, as well as is based on my own medical-intuitive findings(!).

Same goes for many other vaccines like those for TB or HEP.

Obviously there are also people that did get the virus by being exposed to it while traveling to places, where the virus was brought to.If it was brought by mistake or by intent that is for other people to decide!.

Q:Is it better to stay outdoors?

Definitely yes! It’s safer to be outside playing or walking, gardening or just sitting on a bench, rather than staying inside the house with the whole family.Or even by yourself….So many factors are against one’s health when trapped in the home… But if you have no better choice (your state keeps you in), then just open windows for as long as you possibly can!.

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Word of caution : Just stay away from draft! When a door and a window (or two windows/doors) on the opposite sides are open, the movement of the air could make you sick(commune cold).Especially if you exercise or sweat for any reason.I just had many requests for assistance based on that mistake people often make.Back pain and (many kind of)congestion are amongst the most frequent type of pain/discomfort caused by cold air washing over a sweaty body.And that’s especially dangerous for children!.

Remember that a tracer coming to your house and finding you with a cold, WILL most likely account you for covid19!

Q: Is this virus worse than other corona type viruses?

This looks like a dangerous question to answer these days…Therefore I will only give you my view (that is based) on my own findings.Findings that come from cases that I studied(long distance!) very carefully.If my opinion it’s happening to coincide with that of other specialists, then I’m happy!.But if it will contradict what seems to be the political view on the matter, then I do not apologize for it…I will only advise you to check with many sources before accepting any opinion!

No, I don’t think-and I didn’t think from the beginning-that it is as bad as “they” say it is.The computer model was far from correct!And it’s not hard to understand why….A computer needs to be fed information in order to come up with a model….So whatever inaccurate initial information was put into that software, it created the disastrous model!.By design or not, it was grossly misleading the whole world….That’s why -at least for now-no AI could replace a “hands on” evaluation of such situation(!).

In a previous post I suggested a few natural remedies.Please go back and read if you need help:))

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Q:Do you believe vaccines are necessary?

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Vaccines might have been necessary long time ago, when people had no conditions or knowledge to keep a personal and a social hygiene hard enough at all times.Today when people are smarter, far more educated and better informed, they are definitely in a better position to keep it clean.Therefore vaccines are just an old and a completely outdated form of prevention.Leave alone that many times, instead of preventing, they actually created the disease!.Vaccines are a primitive and an absolute invasive/cruel method that should have been given up a long time ago.They teach us pain and hostility from the first breath we take on Earth:(

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Unfortunately these days we are also living in the era of crazy people (with God-complex mental diseases), that are modifying the viruses and bacterias making them more deadly!.Then -that means that-the vaccines are absolutely not the answer to keep us healthy anyway….

Once – some 16 years ago-I spoke to a famous pediatrician about the vaccines for herpesHe told me this: “they’ll never be efficient since herpetic roots are like the flu: so many strains that no vaccine can be made to cover all of possible old/new ones!”.I still find his view to be totally correct!

Q: Is the mask protecting against the spread of the virus?

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Personally I don’t think it is.I noticed that this virus-like most such viruses- is spreading if someone is using another person’s mask or it is eating from the same plate with the same utensils.Or if someone is drinking from the same glass with an infected person.Also through kissing or having intercourse.But is not staying in the air (or on the objects)when someone just breathe on or gets close by.Unless an infected person is heavily sneezing into your face or spits on you, I don’t think the virus will get to you by simply being close to other people.

And definitely people should not wear a mask while they are driving their own car.The mask-depends on how is made-could prevent a proper breathing.The lack of oxygen to the brain could cause dizziness.

Q:What about social distancing then?

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In my view -being afraid of people-it is completely against the Human Nature:((

I dedicated my life to helping people heal from FEAR of all kinds.Therefore my love for the human being is in direct opposition with social distancing.

In my many years of practice I found that human closeness and interaction are very therapeutic.Social closeness is an absolute source of healing energy.

People should never be afraid to be themselves, to trust God or -at any time- to ask for what is theirs by the law of God….

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Stay safe and be informed. But always follow your heart!

The Resurgence of Kindness

The separation that brings us closer

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I used to get very sad and many times quite upset with how some people behave on the road or at the store…
Don’t get me wrong….I am an empath therefore I often enter other people’s emotional field.
It’s how I know when a driver cuts off right in front of me- for no apparent reason- that Nature just gave him/her an urgent call LOL!
He or she had a desperate need to find a bathroom! And I’m happy to let that go…
I can feel and accept when a driver is so worried and/or so upset about something happening in his/her life, that is practically “fighting”everyone around…Or ignoring their surroundings all together!
Same goes for shoppers…
But many times that is not the case.People are being mean and not at all friendly with people around only because they want to!
And I will leave it there…

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The surprise comes now when we all are in a very “weird’ emotional vibration….
Now I would expect to see people cutting off in front of me… I expect to see that man or woman who would cover the ½ of a big shelf with their cart making me wait forever for their decision on a product.
I would expect a bad attitude now when everywhere,in any store,the shelves are almost empty! Now when buying anything feels like a hungry game: who gets first will have it!
But it never happened!
People were (and are) kind and generous.
I can feel their fear! I can feel their anger for the whole pandemic story….But they are not mean nor aggressive with each other anymore!?!

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To me this generosity, this new found softness of the soul that people are showing is so touching!! The way my fellow citizens are behaving is completely restoring my faith in our FUTURE!
Separation Brings us closer!
Even on YouTube -with a few exceptions-most people are working hard to uplift the mood to restore the HOPE!That makes a huge difference! This way the collective BRAIN will bring good changes upon this otherwise awful situation!

Neighbors (or just strangers) are asking neighbors (other people) how they are coping with life at this time…And they are really waiting to hear the answer!!
Nobody just expects you to say “I’m doing great,thank you!”and go on with what you were doing.They really want to know!.They really want to help!

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People are beyond worried.People are very scared…But our people prefer to encourage each other….They are channeling their emotions into a big spring cleaning of their home or a flowers planting in the yard….They are holding back their tears, they are pushing back their anxiety only to make others feel better!They even joke once in a while making (good) fun of the moment…It’s called being GREAT!

I’m so in love with the Human Being at this moment that my heart barely keeps it in check!I
I’m that kind of person that always looks for the best in people…And I hurt badly when they disappoint me on that!
Then pandemics or tornadoes or floods or earthquakes are happening and PEOPLE show how GREAT THEY ARE again!!

That is the real Human Being!That is who we really are as a Specie!

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It’s my view that- this particular pandemic- is not a natural one…Some dark forces spread it from above…Long arguments here that I don’t want to go to:(

I’m desperately sorry for the lives that were and will be lost! My heart brakes under the force of the waves of pain that are washing over it, coming from the whole world!
At the same time-as I said- I’m so PROUD of who we are deep down in our hearts….
It feels like- at this moment- everyone became an Empath…People hurt from their suffering and people hurt from other’s fear and suffering….People understand each other!And that’s both Horrible, and Amazingly Beautiful!!
All I hope it’s that our Civilization will learn well this harsh Collective Lesson…This Lesson on Love and Generosity!
Because- if we do learn it-this lesson could jump-start a new ERA for us on Earth. A more creative,more peaceful,more beneficial ERA!

The TV show of Ancient Aliens said- in quite a few episodes -that in history entire civilizations simply disappeared with no traces!
They assume that a big pandemic or other disaster (or evil entities)forced these people to behave in completely unexpected ways…Whatever these “ways” were, nobody knows…

I do feel that this coronavirus (Covid-19) is such a PIVOTAL moment for us, when everything is shifting into something Big and Unexpected. Something that is yet to come!. It could wipe us off the Earth or it could move us on a very Heavenly New Earth all together!

It’s my Faith and my understanding of Universal Energy/GOD that make me believe that -even the darkest forces in the world -cannot prevail in the presence of the Collective Forces of LOVE…

And -if I am right- we WILL PREVAIL!

Love and hugs,

The Split

Are we too many people on Earth?

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There are many scientific voices saying that there are too many people on Earth….And yet that’s not a new idea at all!.In the old Spartan times the weak and “unfit” were killed immediately after birth.The idea that too many people just take from society (and the Earth) instead of giving to it,is not a new one!
Then Eugenics theory got a lot of high-places supporters in modern times too….
Somehow -the man- always looked for ways to be in charge for things that would make him feel more like GOD.Deciding who dies and who lives!

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Yet one big question arises : who decides WHO are the ones entitled to choose what people are to be considered the “surplus” on Earth?!
Although the answer seems obvious to some ….The rich,smart and famous should be the judges on that matter!
Still many physically “unfit” are inside these categories as well!
Therefore we are back to the “egg and chicken”question!

*Get rid of the weak,the old and the disabled…?
*Is a strong body always an indication for a brilliant mind as well?
*Is a rich family -by default-an insurance for a smart body-builder series of children being born? It’s that a given at any time?

The answer to all these questions is definitely NO!
Then why is “science” even going there?
And what really means that there are too many people born on Earth?
There are many places on Earth where there are no people at all!
It’s this consideration based on the cities that are gathering all human societies?Maybe….

The Split

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It looks like we are incarnated and born on Earth in order to learn Spiritual lessons through the means of pain and hardship.Joy is just a “break “ to help us survive all that.Every single Spirit has to go through it!

But-because the lessons seem to be endless -the Spirit found a way to speed up the process.It is splitting!
Is my view that the Split -of- the- Main Spirit can go as high as 300 concomitent lives!
I have 14 at this time.
That means that 14 other “ME” are living -more or less-at the same time here on Earth. Having many ‘Splits” living at the same time is not the same as having multiple personalities.That is (probably)a mishap of this process.

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When a Split dies it comes to reunite with the Main Sprit bringing with it the whole experience it did accumulate on Earth.
After all Splits got back into the Main Spirit, this ONE is free to ascend!
The Main-Spirit goes back to the Source… Leaves the Earth “to be with the Father”.
Then-WOW!- it means that each Main Spirit is a Split of the Father/God/Universal Energy!Is’n that what holy books are saying? Is not that what the Bible is teaching and is promising us?
What if I am right?

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Because if my belief is true then, deciding to get rid of any segment of the population, it would be (like) a…suicide!
We would kill our own Splits making it impossible for us to finish the circle of incarnations.Then we would be probably left to wander the earth forever like a (confused and) lost Energy…
Because we will never get to learn all our Spiritual lessons ! And that’s a condition that cannot be set aside!
A weak, disabled or otherwise affected body or mind is meant to help us become complete at the Spiritual level.It’s still us!

If this process (of killing the surplus)would be allowed to last then God Himself could be affected…Right?The whole Universal Energy (for the lack of a better notion) could be destroyed….
Yet Universal Energy is the Supreme Intelligence! Therefore it will NEVER allow that to happen!I mean even if it will be attempted by an arrogantly unaware human group.
I’m pretty sure that this Universal Law is enforced the same way for any Entities being intra-terrestrial,extraterrestrial or extradimensional…!
The society that will decide
to repeatedly go for a super-genocide IT will be erased itself sooner or later….!

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More about the subject may come later …

Love and hugs to all people stuck in their homes like myself:))

Coronavirus update…

Some good news:

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Disclaimer: Everything that I’m suggesting in here- although it was verified multiple times over the years- it’s still your decision to make.!I cannot be held responsible for your choice.

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Please ask your physician if you have doubts.Don’t use my suggestions if you have any allergies, are pregnant or if you have any type of skin conditions.

My suggestions:

In my practice I often recommend the use of old-age remedies.It looks that( a lucky break) this virus is reacting like any other virus (that causes flu-like symptoms) to these remedies(!).

Here is one method that reduces the fever and the congestions pretty fast :

For Adults:

You’ll need either the cheapest vodka that you can find or a regular rubbing alcohol.

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The vodka needs to be as natural as you can possible find.I mean with no extra sugar &stuff.It also shouldn’t be cold like in the picture (LOL)

Fill half a glass/cup with warm water then add 6 (six) tablespoons of Vodka.

Take from this mixture in your hands and give a fast rub on the head(never on the face though!), neck, shoulder and torso(chest/back).Then on hands and feet.When you finish, cover well with a hat, scarf and (on top of your t-shirt)a vest or a sweater.Wear socks.

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Keep these on for a couple of hours and please stay inside for the day.Stay away from cold air coming from AC or open doors/windows.

You can drink a camomile tea mixed with linden tea or/and mint.

Use mint in your tea especially if you have diarrhea.

Don’t drink more than one tea a day for max of three days.Don’t use it if you have allergy at any of these.

Results may vary but chances are big that next day you’ll fee very well:))

Children over 7 years old only:

In a glass/cup put warm water and add 3 teaspoon of vodka.Take from this mixture in your hands and give a fast rub on the head, neck,shoulder and torso(chest/back).Then on hands and feet.When you finish, cover well with a hat, scarf and (on top of your t-shirt)a vest or a sweater.Wear socks.

Please make sure you don’t drip the combination in the eyes of the child.If it happens just clean with warm water.

Big Caution: don’t drink the vodka.Use it only for massaging/rubbing.Drinking alcohol while being sick it only makes it worse!Never give alcohol to your children either!

For cough:

Caution:For adults and children over 7 year old only!

a)take a dry cotton towel and spray warm water on it.Make sure it doesn’t drip!

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b)take about 6-7 Kalamata olives.Brown olives.Slice them and remove the seed/pits.

Note: they are not as good if you buy them without the pits.

c) place the olives’s slices on the warmed towel.

d) with your hand/fist spray about 3-4 teaspoons of vodka over the olives slices.I mean like you would roll the dices in a game:)

e) roll the towel like a collar keeping the olives slices inside it.Place this “scarf” around the neck.Cover with another scarf that is dry.

d) Keep this “necklace” for a couple of hours.Stay inside for the day.Don’t drink cold beverages.Camomile tea with linden and honey will help the process as well.


If you think that you don’t know how to do any of the things explained above, please don’t panic! It’s something else that you can definitely do in case your fever goes high…

Do that: Take a cotton towel and soak it in cold water.Not ice but sink cold water.Make sure that it doesn’t drip.Place it on the top of the had until gets hot.Then re-soak it in cold water…Repeat the process until the fever gets down.Because it will!

Note: Keep in mind that by using Advil and/or Tylenol it will only weaken your immune system.Most probably that the fever is going to come back even higher(!).

Obviously I’m not suggesting -by far-that you should take the virus lightly. But I also don’t see the need to panic! Although so many doomsday-scenario- posts are there-especially on YouTube-still this virus is no worse than many others before it!. Unless you take a lot of medication, smoke a lot and /or drink alcohol daily ! Otherwise by doing the right thing you can stop the fever and deal with the situations.

I personally don’t see why people are so desperate to get tested either…What difference they believe would (a 50% confirmation) make since you did interfere with everyone else already?Family and such! It most likely that that will only scare you more making harder for you to heal:(

If you have any flu-like symptoms you should just go ahead and do things to help you recover fast:)

Always remember that -while correctly assessing the reality-positive thinking is a huge stimulant for the brain.Our brain is a Miracle Worker!

It’s my belief that this too is a temporary situation! Be safe:))

Coronavirus stay -home -time…

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What to do:

The world population in this 21st century is a very active one!

We move a lot, travel daily and work in so many ways…

And everything we do is always based on collective interaction.

We shop,we drive,we go to the office,we take our children to and from school….Everywhere we go we will meet people, talk to people and shake hands or give hugs.We touch things that were touched unaccountable times before and will be touched many times after!

  It’s only normal that today -in the Coronavirus pandemic- we are asked to stay home.To isolate ourselves in order to cause the virus to die and let us go on with our lives.To still have a life to go back to!

Note: a virus is between being alive and not being alive.Its power of destruction comes “alive” only when it gets into a host.The human body in this case! In there the virus is multiplying fast. It could become unstoppable if the host’s immune system is a weak one.Being under a lot of medication, over-eating, drinking or doing drugs will only weaken our natural protection against the proliferation of any virus.Having a clear mind -by the other hand-with a positive approach to this situation it can help weaken the virus potential to replicate/reproduce! Our mind is a MIRACLE worker if we let it!

 But that (staying home) it’s easier to say than to do.Right?! For many people (if not for all of us…) it’s a big problem to suddenly get stuck in the house.Trapped with not much to do.Or by contrary with a lot more to do since the children are stuck either!

 Many people are not used to working from home….Which can be confusing!

  Since I got plenty of questions from my clients, prospective clients or just people that I know, I wish to answer some of them here.

Here we go!

  1. If you work from home:
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Make sure that you organize your day the same way you would organize it if you would need to go to the office.

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  1. Prepare the same as always for the day ahead.Take a shower! Then dress comfortably but not carelessly. Dress like someone important could still see you.No pajamas or bathrobe:((
  2. Always clean your kitchen the night before.
  3. Always make your bed! Especially if the computer you’ll use is in your bedroom or if you have only one room.
  4. Make sure your family is busy with their own activities and will not interrupt you every 5 minutes.
  5. If you don’t have a family make sure the friends will not call you just because they are bored and want to chat.You should consider yourself at the office.
  6. Job requests come first!

Note: I worked from home (or at home) for the most part of my life.

It’s better in many ways and it’s worse in otherways.But- in many respects- is no different from working in a corporate office (which I did too in my long career).

  1. Take a lunch break as you’ll normally do.

B) Children :

The positive fact : it can be a great time for bonding!

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    They should consider themselves at school for a few hours doing homework if they have, and/or work online with their teacher. If they are younger kids then they could have other freely chosen educational activities.Still under an adult supervision of course.

Every single day for all of you it will be mandatory to go outside for at least two hours(!).Our bodies need daylight and proper oxygenation….Especially brain oxygenation!You don’t get this by staying inside the home the whole day..

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You can go in the backyard if you have one,or the balcony or just in front of the house/apartment.If none of these is an option then open the windows as large as you can.

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 If you cannot go outside and move then I would suggest you to exercise for at least 15-20 minutes every day.That if you are not a regular gym person that knows better(LOL).If you have kids then do it together. 

 Because the stay-home seems to be a situation that will last for a few weeks, you should organize the day for every member in the family that you are responsible for.Together you should clean the house,wash the dishes, and put stuff back in place after daily activities.

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 If you don’t do that things could get really bad, and depression WILL find its way in for each and all of you!

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 Remember that exhaustion comes -many times- from the chaotic atmosphere around.Depression is a consequence of chaos in one’s life.Depression is also based on fear.A fear that we don’t even know is there.The fear of not being supported! The fear of losing balance…Fear given by the chaos around us.See what I mean?!

This coronavirus pandemic is such a time filled with chaos.

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And I would stop -once in a while-watching the news ….

Once I lived close to a huge body of water.It was a beautiful house on the bank of the river.I loved the Nature that was all over the place.Alive and vibrant!And I loved the water.

After many days of rain, one morning I woke up to see a gathering of deers and bunnies on our backyard.I mean a lot of them!Beautiful… Right? Their presence didn’t scare me at all.It made me curious....

But soon a neighbor start calling saying that a “big flood” is expected.The man -a former firefighter now on his 80’s- was the local “expert” on these kind of situations. I thank him and went ahead with my day.5 minutes later he called again to tell us that now the level of the water grew by 1/4 of an inch…OK I was still fine…Then 5 minutes later he called again informing us that the level of the water grew by another 1/8 of an inch….And so forth…He called for a few hours…Now I was deeply scared and ready to panic….When he called again I took my family and run to a hotel.

At the hotel though nobody was on any state of panic.They were relaxed and calm.I told them about my neighbor and they start laughing….”Yes he likes to do that with everybody in our community.He likes to inform people.they said.

My point is that, if you listen to the news the whole day long, you will learn things. The reality behind these news is not necessarily the sign for a disaster that will soon wash over you.But rather just a “situation” that might clear faster than they say.The news channels need ratings.Like my neighbor that needed to feel useful (and a bit heroic like he once really was)….They have to make it interesting by maximizing the “emotion” of the news….Even if -many times-they scare the lights out of us!They also get political so very often…:(

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The fact that we stay home is not a reason to skip the daily shower(s)!

Especially now we all need to keep a tight personal hygiene. We also need to wash our food, our clothing and to wash the things we use during the day.

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 I strongly suggest to stay away from alcohol and drugs, including marijuana(!).Being stuck with family or being alone, the use of those, will increase the potential for fights and bad situations to arise!.Hide the guns and keep them locked.Children are amazing at finding hidden things:((

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 Never forget to PRAY please!.To whatever Power you believe in…And if you don’t believe in any Superior Power, just pray to your Higher Self!

I’m absolutely positive Someone will Answer(!).

To me is Jesus!


 I’m absolutely sure that the wonderful people of our World will prevail over this horrible pandemic.The history will have us as the ones who came- together- as- one when they most need it!

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Be blessed and be safe!

Breastfeeding in public,

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 To be honest I didn’t think that this matter could still be a subject for a blog….

In my mind it was that people got the point by now and not many are left to fight it.Therefore I was pretty surprised to find a post that talked about “the problem”of breastfeeding your baby in public!?!

  The post was written by a young mother that went out to a pizza restaurant with her husband and their three kids.One of which was a baby.

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  When her baby started crying with no way to calm him down she decided to breastfeed him.According to her -although they were in a bout and she covered her breast-people around were sending “dirty looks” in her direction.Obviously disapproving of her decision!.Or so she felt!

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 The blogger continue explaining how confused she was about their reaction and how she thought that even their young waitress was judging her about that.Since the baby was still crying after eating she decided to leave the place.

Then- surprisingly enough- the waitress sent her a note of encouragement on the receipt she gave to her husband.

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The waitress thanked her for …breastfeeding right there!?

 The reason that the story made me write this post is not the alleged “dirty looks”.It’s not even the motivation behind this post….Although it feels to me that this young lady was only looking to create some stirring-the- pot effect for her post.Which is a commune practice today.I mean just go to Youtube! LOL

  My reason is far more serious than any of that!

And if I was there- at that moment- mine were probably the dirtiest looks sent into her direction!

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  Because to me breastfeeding is the best moment that a mother and her baby could possibly have!It’s also a moment filled with love and dignity.

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 Many experts were talking at length about the bond that forms between the two of them during this amazing process.

Yet not so many thought about how this process should really be done in a healthy way for both, the mother and her baby!

And in this respect here -in this story-is almost everything that could be done wrongly about breastfeeding!

  In my view a mother has to prepare herself before feeding her baby this way.She cannot just pop-up her breast and start doing it!?

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 She has to clean her hands and her breast -at least with warm water if not camomile tea-before giving it to the baby.She has to check if her baby needs to be changed into dry and comfortable clothing.She needs to make sure that her baby’s nostrils are clean and free to breathe.She needs to find a quiet and comfortable place in her house to feed him.Away from the other members of the family playing or having loud activities.

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A pizza restaurant at dinner time?! It’s probably the worst place to do it…

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As a nursing mother eating pizza is not a good idea either:(

 Actually -in this described situation-the baby was probably very thirsty.His mom just ate pizza!

Many young mothers completely ignore the baby’s need for water.And it looks to me that she ignored that too!

They automatically assume that the breast milk has given the baby enough fluid.Yes it did!Yet that “fluid” is still food. The water is a completely different need for any (human) being.Therefor yes the baby needs it too!

  Sometimes the baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying and the mother immediately worries about his health not even considering that he might need water (a few teaspoons will do it).

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Conclusion :

There are in life instances when it’s mandatory to feed the baby not necessarily at the “prescribed” time.It can also happen in a public place….In this case -the mother should at least -wipe her breast and hands before doing it.Cover her baby not because other can see him/her, but because is so much dust and dirt and are so many diseases in a public place!

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A baby is like a sponge for all of it!

Don’t also forget that- while eating- the baby is sweating a lot.The temperature in a public place might not be ideal for a sweaty baby either(!).The “surprise” might come at night when the baby’s fever will go up fast….

Suddenly you’ll have a sick baby crying!

  Still voluntarily bringing a baby to a restaurant -especially at lunch or dinner time- is not one of these “instances”.That’s is simply the wrong choice!

And being praised for “being so brave” is definitely not deserved at all 😦

Because by doing that a mother is exposing her baby (and her breast ) to a lot of dangerous factors that could affect their health for a long time to come(!). 

  Sometimes “the public” has the right reaction although not many know exactly why it feels wrong at that exact moment.

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It’s good to at least think about before fighting it….

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God bless all mothers and all children! God bless the people of Earth!

Alcohol and food intolerance

Allergy versus intolerance,

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Almost everybody knows -at least some things- about allergies!.
And that’s because allergies are showing in our eyes and/or our skin and/or our breathing.Also because they can be tested in the traditional medicine’s laboratories.People are taught that they should trust that…. Because there is medication available!

So far allergies are blamed on every symptom that science isn’t sure what is causing it. Like watery eyes or running nose,irritated skin or swollen throat….Sometimes that’s allergy, and other times it is not!….Still we have a word- and a treatment!- for most of these visible signs.Or do we?
In my practice I discovered – some 36 years ago- that the often cause for most allergy is actually the intolerance people develop to different things in their diet.The difference it’s huge and therefore is important to know what is what.

Up until recently the traditional medicine was not talking about INTOLERANCE to some food and /or beverage and/or chemicals.Medical doctors were not even considering the intolerance to chemicals in an anesthesia compaound.Now I did hear some medical doctors mentioning that to their patients.Too many people dying maybe?
Still just mentioned! While this is a big step forward yet they do not explain how intolerance comes to be,what it really is, and what its consequences often are….

When I first discovered that intolerance is the one causing allergies and loads of diseases, I became intrigued with its cause!. How can a person develop intolerance to a food or drink without ever knowing it has that? Or maybe we do know but we are ignoring the signs and our instinct on it?

When I meet a new client and we get to the point of cleaning the food list on behalf of a healthier diet, I often have to tell them about something that they are intolerant to.As a medical intuitive I get this kind of information for most of my clients.So far I was never wrong!.
Could be fruits,could be vegetables,coffee or alcohol, milk or juice,could be many things.
The surprise comes when I mention one thing that a person should stay away from because-the client- has an intolerance to it…. It turns out that the client already knew that s/he doesn’t LIKE the (fore)mentioned “thing”!?
Perhaps their instinct/intuition worked to make sure that the element causing intolerance is out of the diet already(!!?)
Unfortunately -although they feel is not good for them-many people are constantly ignoring that signal of their own body, continuing to use the “bad” stuff.
They continue to eat or drink the thing that their body is perceiving as an attacking toxin.
In my view -this kind of intolerance- is the worst that could happen to our health!.

Because it silently damaging our body. It is the cause for many of the diseases that are affecting us.Diseases that are still said to have no explanation or known causes….
Intolerance is the first stage in a wrong immune response to an agent entering our body.An agent perceived as toxin although in reality is not.
The worst and the most devastating intolerance that I see in people today is the
Alcohol today contains all sorts of chemicals.The chemicals are added from planting a seed and continues until the fruits,grains etc.are fully grown. Then some more chemicals are added while the alcohol is obtained or preserved.
I worked with (and for) thousands of people in my practice.
I can securely say that 90% of today’s population have an alcohol intolerance.While this is mild in people that are not drinking alcohol regularly, it can become very high in people that abuse it.

Intolerance can develop very early in life.And here is one possible way:
Let’s pretend that a child is having his first glass of alcohol at 4 years old.By accident not intentionally !He drinks a full glass of wine or a small glass of vodka that someone left on the table….This child’s brain feels like is attacked. Therefore will react to the toxin that attacked it with full force.While the “intruder” isn’t real, the level of the toxicity is!The beta(white) cells are overreacting for a while attacking on their turn the liver,the pancreas and of course the kidneys.The child will feel sick and- depending on the parents -he will get treatment or he will be ignored.Unfortunately many parents don’t see the alcoholic drinks as a big threat.Next day the child will be fine.Then the immune system gets back to normal.Everybody forgets about that incident or remembers it as a fun moment.
Let’s pretend now that -the same child- will not have another drink until 18 years old.
First time that he will drink again the immune system will “remember” the toxin and will prepare an attack against it! Attacking its own organs as I said.From now on each time this person will even sip alcohol will have an autoimmune reaction.Few drops will trigger the reaction.And who stops after few drops really?
In my view this is one way that the process of developing Lupus starts.And that’s just one example….
Sure alcohol isn’t the only toxic agent doing this.Drugs,meats,sweets are creating intolerance that can be devastating to the body as well.

One very disturbing way to get -let’s say strawberries-intolerance is the mistake many parents do with their baby.When the baby first learn to grab (food) the parents give them pieces of fruits to eat on their own.But the baby is still on the breast/bottle feeding stage.The digestive system and the inner layers of it are not mature enough for hard or raw food.The hormonal production is not there yet either!
Next thing you’ll notice in the future toddler is the “allergy” to many of the things he was not supposed to eat before going through a soup/mashed food-faze in his/her feeding journey.It’s actually an intolerance at this point:(
The next stage to that is the allergy.Yet not all forms of intolerance become allergies!The allergy (or an allergic rash/swollen) is the moment when the body cannot fight anymore.An allergy -when is real! -should be a huge signal for the person having it.And for her doctors.Not only because is annoying or potentially dangerous but also because of what might be hiding underneath.Because that may be an old intolerance!
That is my reason to believe that medication for allergies is like the diagnosis for High Blood Pressure : wrong! Treating the allergy isn’t solving the problem.Is like trying to put a heavy lid on the top of an already active vulcano….

Not all allergies are caused by intolerances either..

Parents that have fun while giving their babies or their young children access to alcohol, cigarette smoking ( or smoking around their children), spicy food,weird vegetables,heavy meats,BBQ,and other smoked food etc. are preparing them for a potentially allergies filled life.They are opening up the door to devastating diseases as I mentioned earlier.Because sometimes the stage of an allergic reaction is overpassed.Is not a full allergy is just an extreme/dramatic reaction that goes away…People might even forget about.But deep inside it’s actually the intolerance that is still causing damage!

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Conclusion :

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Sometimes children escape parental supervision they feel like they can drink or eat and smoke everything…Especially when it is “party time”!
For them- at that point- freedom is a tricky concept…:(

That is when mistakes could cost a person s/he’s health as an adult!

In my view it is important to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones starting as early in life as possible.Because we all are going to need ourselves many years to come!.
Our body could be our best asset if we are our body’s best protector!.
Especially if our body was damaged already…Now is the time to understand and help it heal.

Intolerance -and even allergies- are a blessing in disguise if we take the time and the interest to “listen” to their story…!And especially if we don’t jump on the “best medicine for allergies” game!.

Be aware,be mindful and life will reward you with a healthy body!

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Washing Hands

It is coronavirus a threat?

There were many times in history when the lack of hygiene led to the loss of many lives.
Ironically the same practice is still killing people in our 21st century….
Taking showers,washing our clothing,cleaning our home is helping us not only to feel good but also staying healthy. Even the dictionary is explaining that “hygiene is a condition or practice conducive to health”.
And yet in my practice I meet people with little or no interest in the matter. Smart/intelligent, successful people that lack the understanding of their own environment.
I recently answered a question about washing hands….

This client of mine asked me how many times a day we should wash our hands.
The answer is very simple : as many times as necessary!
Obviously not until they bleed.Not obsessively either…Nevertheless we should wash our hands each time we touch things that are touched by many other people before us!
Wash with warm water and a mild hand soap.
We all live in a very dirty environment.New and smarter viruses ,bacteria,new diseases,new chemicals…etc.
Dirt is not always something that you can see.Like a stain on the shirt.
Small towns,villages or big cities all are very busy places.Many people come and go from hotels,restaurants,fast-food places, supermarkets or malls.
Everything that we touch was touched many,many times before and will be touched many,many times after that.
Nature too has its own way to add to the dirt on the environment.Birds, animals,worms,bugs…all are eating and eliminating substances that are toxic to a human being.
Civilization exposes us to all kinds or residuals too. Doesn’t matter where we go!.
Just thinking of the air traffic that goes every second can give you an image of what we are collecting on our persona while being outdoors.All that on top of everything that I already mentioned….
If you fly often you know that the plane’s bathrooms are never really empty.People wait their turn by the doors.All this elimination has to go somewhere.Modern tools make all these residuals into a fine layer of particles.Still all these particles are lending on earth and more than often on our clothing and our heads,in our breathing etc.

To make a long story short and clear is to say the answer to all that is taking showers every night before going to bed,every morning before going out, and especially
washing hands!.
Washing hands as many times as necessary means to avoid contact with a really dirty environment.It means the difference between being healthy or becoming sick.

  • When you go to the bathroom you’ll touch very sensitive parts of your body. Therefore wash your hands before doing it.Women who go there to replace their feminine product should know that awful genital diseases are caused by the dirty hands that they use to do that.
    Children that are playing on the floor ,people that are shopping,etc. all should wash hands before using the bathroom and definitely after using it(!).
    I met men and women who are considering these actions as being excessive.And yet they are in my office looking for help with their (poor) health?!
  • Wash your hands before eating doesn’t matter what you did before that.Especially when you eat out(!).
    *Wash your hands when you come home from work,driving,or shopping.
    *Wash hands when you handle meat or when you are cooking for you and your family.Wiping on a piece of cloth will not do it.Warm water and liquid (soft) soap will always be a very good choice.
    You might end up washing your hands very often.Trust me this is not making you mentally sick,or paranoid,or obsessive….This will only help you stay healthy and happy.
    When most people (that do not wash their hands) will get sick you will be surprised to see that you don’t!.
    For those of you who worry about the skin on their hands getting old I would recommend a soft hand cream.Is very efficient :).
    Washing hands as many times as necessary might just save your life!

Coronavirus it’s a threat like any other infectious spread…That’s why keeping a tight hygiene is such an important matter!Any virus has a fiery/fast ground for spreading based on how active our society is today….People travel like never before…!!

Companies involved in providing the vehicles for mass traveling -by the other hand-are keeping their budget low…Therefore (for example)less personal space in the airplane comes with a far higher chance to get infected by an airborne virus…

Same for any public place….

Still it depends a lot on our preventive actions to keep us healthy!

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