Alcohol and food intolerance

Allergy versus intolerance,

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Almost everybody knows -at least some things- about allergies!.
And that’s because allergies are showing in our eyes and/or our skin and/or our breathing.Also because they can be tested in the traditional medicine’s laboratories.People are taught that they should trust that…. Because there is medication available!

So far allergies are blamed on every symptom that science isn’t sure what is causing it. Like watery eyes or running nose,irritated skin or swollen throat….Sometimes that’s allergy, and other times it is not!….Still we have a word- and a treatment!- for most of these visible signs.Or do we?
In my practice I discovered – some 36 years ago- that the often cause for most allergy is actually the intolerance people develop to different things in their diet.The difference it’s huge and therefore is important to know what is what.

Up until recently the traditional medicine was not talking about INTOLERANCE to some food and /or beverage and/or chemicals.Medical doctors were not even considering the intolerance to chemicals in an anesthesia compaound.Now I did hear some medical doctors mentioning that to their patients.Too many people dying maybe?
Still just mentioned! While this is a big step forward yet they do not explain how intolerance comes to be,what it really is, and what its consequences often are….

When I first discovered that intolerance is the one causing allergies and loads of diseases, I became intrigued with its cause!. How can a person develop intolerance to a food or drink without ever knowing it has that? Or maybe we do know but we are ignoring the signs and our instinct on it?

When I meet a new client and we get to the point of cleaning the food list on behalf of a healthier diet, I often have to tell them about something that they are intolerant to.As a medical intuitive I get this kind of information for most of my clients.So far I was never wrong!.
Could be fruits,could be vegetables,coffee or alcohol, milk or juice,could be many things.
The surprise comes when I mention one thing that a person should stay away from because-the client- has an intolerance to it…. It turns out that the client already knew that s/he doesn’t LIKE the (fore)mentioned “thing”!?
Perhaps their instinct/intuition worked to make sure that the element causing intolerance is out of the diet already(!!?)
Unfortunately -although they feel is not good for them-many people are constantly ignoring that signal of their own body, continuing to use the “bad” stuff.
They continue to eat or drink the thing that their body is perceiving as an attacking toxin.
In my view -this kind of intolerance- is the worst that could happen to our health!.

Because it silently damaging our body. It is the cause for many of the diseases that are affecting us.Diseases that are still said to have no explanation or known causes….
Intolerance is the first stage in a wrong immune response to an agent entering our body.An agent perceived as toxin although in reality is not.
The worst and the most devastating intolerance that I see in people today is the
Alcohol today contains all sorts of chemicals.The chemicals are added from planting a seed and continues until the fruits,grains etc.are fully grown. Then some more chemicals are added while the alcohol is obtained or preserved.
I worked with (and for) thousands of people in my practice.
I can securely say that 90% of today’s population have an alcohol intolerance.While this is mild in people that are not drinking alcohol regularly, it can become very high in people that abuse it.

Intolerance can develop very early in life.And here is one possible way:
Let’s pretend that a child is having his first glass of alcohol at 4 years old.By accident not intentionally !He drinks a full glass of wine or a small glass of vodka that someone left on the table….This child’s brain feels like is attacked. Therefore will react to the toxin that attacked it with full force.While the “intruder” isn’t real, the level of the toxicity is!The beta(white) cells are overreacting for a while attacking on their turn the liver,the pancreas and of course the kidneys.The child will feel sick and- depending on the parents -he will get treatment or he will be ignored.Unfortunately many parents don’t see the alcoholic drinks as a big threat.Next day the child will be fine.Then the immune system gets back to normal.Everybody forgets about that incident or remembers it as a fun moment.
Let’s pretend now that -the same child- will not have another drink until 18 years old.
First time that he will drink again the immune system will “remember” the toxin and will prepare an attack against it! Attacking its own organs as I said.From now on each time this person will even sip alcohol will have an autoimmune reaction.Few drops will trigger the reaction.And who stops after few drops really?
In my view this is one way that the process of developing Lupus starts.And that’s just one example….
Sure alcohol isn’t the only toxic agent doing this.Drugs,meats,sweets are creating intolerance that can be devastating to the body as well.

One very disturbing way to get -let’s say strawberries-intolerance is the mistake many parents do with their baby.When the baby first learn to grab (food) the parents give them pieces of fruits to eat on their own.But the baby is still on the breast/bottle feeding stage.The digestive system and the inner layers of it are not mature enough for hard or raw food.The hormonal production is not there yet either!
Next thing you’ll notice in the future toddler is the “allergy” to many of the things he was not supposed to eat before going through a soup/mashed food-faze in his/her feeding journey.It’s actually an intolerance at this point:(
The next stage to that is the allergy.Yet not all forms of intolerance become allergies!The allergy (or an allergic rash/swollen) is the moment when the body cannot fight anymore.An allergy -when is real! -should be a huge signal for the person having it.And for her doctors.Not only because is annoying or potentially dangerous but also because of what might be hiding underneath.Because that may be an old intolerance!
That is my reason to believe that medication for allergies is like the diagnosis for High Blood Pressure : wrong! Treating the allergy isn’t solving the problem.Is like trying to put a heavy lid on the top of an already active vulcano….

Not all allergies are caused by intolerances either..

Parents that have fun while giving their babies or their young children access to alcohol, cigarette smoking ( or smoking around their children), spicy food,weird vegetables,heavy meats,BBQ,and other smoked food etc. are preparing them for a potentially allergies filled life.They are opening up the door to devastating diseases as I mentioned earlier.Because sometimes the stage of an allergic reaction is overpassed.Is not a full allergy is just an extreme/dramatic reaction that goes away…People might even forget about.But deep inside it’s actually the intolerance that is still causing damage!

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Conclusion :

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Sometimes children escape parental supervision they feel like they can drink or eat and smoke everything…Especially when it is “party time”!
For them- at that point- freedom is a tricky concept…:(

That is when mistakes could cost a person s/he’s health as an adult!

In my view it is important to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones starting as early in life as possible.Because we all are going to need ourselves many years to come!.
Our body could be our best asset if we are our body’s best protector!.
Especially if our body was damaged already…Now is the time to understand and help it heal.

Intolerance -and even allergies- are a blessing in disguise if we take the time and the interest to “listen” to their story…!And especially if we don’t jump on the “best medicine for allergies” game!.

Be aware,be mindful and life will reward you with a healthy body!

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I am an Energy healer with over 40 years experience.I love people and I care about our home: the Earth! My work focuses in helping my clients to get out of their Fear, and step firmly into the Miracle of healing!I believe that God is the Master Creator of Life:)

2 thoughts on “Alcohol and food intolerance

  1. When I first started drinking alcohol in social situations, I would always have a horrible, pounding headache afterwards. At first I thought this was because I wasn’t used to the alcohol so I kept telling myself that it was normal. However, it is absolutely true that I have alcohol intolerance. Society may dictate what is okay but we need to listen to our bodies because we know best. Ever since I stopped drinking alcohol, I’ve felt tremendously better.

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