Washing Hands

It is coronavirus a threat?

There were many times in history when the lack of hygiene led to the loss of many lives.
Ironically the same practice is still killing people in our 21st century….
Taking showers,washing our clothing,cleaning our home is helping us not only to feel good but also staying healthy. Even the dictionary is explaining that “hygiene is a condition or practice conducive to health”.
And yet in my practice I meet people with little or no interest in the matter. Smart/intelligent, successful people that lack the understanding of their own environment.
I recently answered a question about washing hands….

This client of mine asked me how many times a day we should wash our hands.
The answer is very simple : as many times as necessary!
Obviously not until they bleed.Not obsessively either…Nevertheless we should wash our hands each time we touch things that are touched by many other people before us!
Wash with warm water and a mild hand soap.
We all live in a very dirty environment.New and smarter viruses ,bacteria,new diseases,new chemicals…etc.
Dirt is not always something that you can see.Like a stain on the shirt.
Small towns,villages or big cities all are very busy places.Many people come and go from hotels,restaurants,fast-food places, supermarkets or malls.
Everything that we touch was touched many,many times before and will be touched many,many times after that.
Nature too has its own way to add to the dirt on the environment.Birds, animals,worms,bugs…all are eating and eliminating substances that are toxic to a human being.
Civilization exposes us to all kinds or residuals too. Doesn’t matter where we go!.
Just thinking of the air traffic that goes every second can give you an image of what we are collecting on our persona while being outdoors.All that on top of everything that I already mentioned….
If you fly often you know that the plane’s bathrooms are never really empty.People wait their turn by the doors.All this elimination has to go somewhere.Modern tools make all these residuals into a fine layer of particles.Still all these particles are lending on earth and more than often on our clothing and our heads,in our breathing etc.

To make a long story short and clear is to say the answer to all that is taking showers every night before going to bed,every morning before going out, and especially
washing hands!.
Washing hands as many times as necessary means to avoid contact with a really dirty environment.It means the difference between being healthy or becoming sick.

  • When you go to the bathroom you’ll touch very sensitive parts of your body. Therefore wash your hands before doing it.Women who go there to replace their feminine product should know that awful genital diseases are caused by the dirty hands that they use to do that.
    Children that are playing on the floor ,people that are shopping,etc. all should wash hands before using the bathroom and definitely after using it(!).
    I met men and women who are considering these actions as being excessive.And yet they are in my office looking for help with their (poor) health?!
  • Wash your hands before eating doesn’t matter what you did before that.Especially when you eat out(!).
    *Wash your hands when you come home from work,driving,or shopping.
    *Wash hands when you handle meat or when you are cooking for you and your family.Wiping on a piece of cloth will not do it.Warm water and liquid (soft) soap will always be a very good choice.
    You might end up washing your hands very often.Trust me this is not making you mentally sick,or paranoid,or obsessive….This will only help you stay healthy and happy.
    When most people (that do not wash their hands) will get sick you will be surprised to see that you don’t!.
    For those of you who worry about the skin on their hands getting old I would recommend a soft hand cream.Is very efficient :).
    Washing hands as many times as necessary might just save your life!

Coronavirus it’s a threat like any other infectious spread…That’s why keeping a tight hygiene is such an important matter!Any virus has a fiery/fast ground for spreading based on how active our society is today….People travel like never before…!!

Companies involved in providing the vehicles for mass traveling -by the other hand-are keeping their budget low…Therefore (for example)less personal space in the airplane comes with a far higher chance to get infected by an airborne virus…

Same for any public place….

Still it depends a lot on our preventive actions to keep us healthy!

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Published by angelpazitor

I am an Energy healer with over 40 years experience.I love people and I care about our home: the Earth! My work focuses in helping my clients to get out of their Fear, and step firmly into the Miracle of healing!I believe that God is the Master Creator of Life:)

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