Breastfeeding in public,

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 To be honest I didn’t think that this matter could still be a subject for a blog….

In my mind it was that people got the point by now and not many are left to fight it.Therefore I was pretty surprised to find a post that talked about “the problem”of breastfeeding your baby in public!?!

  The post was written by a young mother that went out to a pizza restaurant with her husband and their three kids.One of which was a baby.

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  When her baby started crying with no way to calm him down she decided to breastfeed him.According to her -although they were in a bout and she covered her breast-people around were sending “dirty looks” in her direction.Obviously disapproving of her decision!.Or so she felt!

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 The blogger continue explaining how confused she was about their reaction and how she thought that even their young waitress was judging her about that.Since the baby was still crying after eating she decided to leave the place.

Then- surprisingly enough- the waitress sent her a note of encouragement on the receipt she gave to her husband.

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The waitress thanked her for …breastfeeding right there!?

 The reason that the story made me write this post is not the alleged “dirty looks”.It’s not even the motivation behind this post….Although it feels to me that this young lady was only looking to create some stirring-the- pot effect for her post.Which is a commune practice today.I mean just go to Youtube! LOL

  My reason is far more serious than any of that!

And if I was there- at that moment- mine were probably the dirtiest looks sent into her direction!

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  Because to me breastfeeding is the best moment that a mother and her baby could possibly have!It’s also a moment filled with love and dignity.

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 Many experts were talking at length about the bond that forms between the two of them during this amazing process.

Yet not so many thought about how this process should really be done in a healthy way for both, the mother and her baby!

And in this respect here -in this story-is almost everything that could be done wrongly about breastfeeding!

  In my view a mother has to prepare herself before feeding her baby this way.She cannot just pop-up her breast and start doing it!?

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 She has to clean her hands and her breast -at least with warm water if not camomile tea-before giving it to the baby.She has to check if her baby needs to be changed into dry and comfortable clothing.She needs to make sure that her baby’s nostrils are clean and free to breathe.She needs to find a quiet and comfortable place in her house to feed him.Away from the other members of the family playing or having loud activities.

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A pizza restaurant at dinner time?! It’s probably the worst place to do it…

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As a nursing mother eating pizza is not a good idea either:(

 Actually -in this described situation-the baby was probably very thirsty.His mom just ate pizza!

Many young mothers completely ignore the baby’s need for water.And it looks to me that she ignored that too!

They automatically assume that the breast milk has given the baby enough fluid.Yes it did!Yet that “fluid” is still food. The water is a completely different need for any (human) being.Therefor yes the baby needs it too!

  Sometimes the baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying and the mother immediately worries about his health not even considering that he might need water (a few teaspoons will do it).

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Conclusion :

There are in life instances when it’s mandatory to feed the baby not necessarily at the “prescribed” time.It can also happen in a public place….In this case -the mother should at least -wipe her breast and hands before doing it.Cover her baby not because other can see him/her, but because is so much dust and dirt and are so many diseases in a public place!

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A baby is like a sponge for all of it!

Don’t also forget that- while eating- the baby is sweating a lot.The temperature in a public place might not be ideal for a sweaty baby either(!).The “surprise” might come at night when the baby’s fever will go up fast….

Suddenly you’ll have a sick baby crying!

  Still voluntarily bringing a baby to a restaurant -especially at lunch or dinner time- is not one of these “instances”.That’s is simply the wrong choice!

And being praised for “being so brave” is definitely not deserved at all 😦

Because by doing that a mother is exposing her baby (and her breast ) to a lot of dangerous factors that could affect their health for a long time to come(!). 

  Sometimes “the public” has the right reaction although not many know exactly why it feels wrong at that exact moment.

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It’s good to at least think about before fighting it….

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God bless all mothers and all children! God bless the people of Earth!

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I am an Energy healer with over 40 years experience.I love people and I care about our home: the Earth! My work focuses in helping my clients to get out of their Fear, and step firmly into the Miracle of healing!I believe that God is the Master Creator of Life:)

2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding in public,

  1. I am glad I read this article, I think nowadays there are a lot of people who are pushing for mothers to have the ability to breastfeed in public. I never thought about the dirt, germs, and lack of a peaceful moment between the mother and child because nobody mentions these things. I once saw a mother breastfeeding on the subway and I really thought that was strange…yet natural. I now see the need to separate the two events. I know I wouldn’t ever eat on the subway so why should we subject children to these conditions?

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