Coronavirus stay -home -time…

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What to do:

The world population in this 21st century is a very active one!

We move a lot, travel daily and work in so many ways…

And everything we do is always based on collective interaction.

We shop,we drive,we go to the office,we take our children to and from school….Everywhere we go we will meet people, talk to people and shake hands or give hugs.We touch things that were touched unaccountable times before and will be touched many times after!

  It’s only normal that today -in the Coronavirus pandemic- we are asked to stay home.To isolate ourselves in order to cause the virus to die and let us go on with our lives.To still have a life to go back to!

Note: a virus is between being alive and not being alive.Its power of destruction comes “alive” only when it gets into a host.The human body in this case! In there the virus is multiplying fast. It could become unstoppable if the host’s immune system is a weak one.Being under a lot of medication, over-eating, drinking or doing drugs will only weaken our natural protection against the proliferation of any virus.Having a clear mind -by the other hand-with a positive approach to this situation it can help weaken the virus potential to replicate/reproduce! Our mind is a MIRACLE worker if we let it!

 But that (staying home) it’s easier to say than to do.Right?! For many people (if not for all of us…) it’s a big problem to suddenly get stuck in the house.Trapped with not much to do.Or by contrary with a lot more to do since the children are stuck either!

 Many people are not used to working from home….Which can be confusing!

  Since I got plenty of questions from my clients, prospective clients or just people that I know, I wish to answer some of them here.

Here we go!

  1. If you work from home:
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Make sure that you organize your day the same way you would organize it if you would need to go to the office.

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  1. Prepare the same as always for the day ahead.Take a shower! Then dress comfortably but not carelessly. Dress like someone important could still see you.No pajamas or bathrobe:((
  2. Always clean your kitchen the night before.
  3. Always make your bed! Especially if the computer you’ll use is in your bedroom or if you have only one room.
  4. Make sure your family is busy with their own activities and will not interrupt you every 5 minutes.
  5. If you don’t have a family make sure the friends will not call you just because they are bored and want to chat.You should consider yourself at the office.
  6. Job requests come first!

Note: I worked from home (or at home) for the most part of my life.

It’s better in many ways and it’s worse in otherways.But- in many respects- is no different from working in a corporate office (which I did too in my long career).

  1. Take a lunch break as you’ll normally do.

B) Children :

The positive fact : it can be a great time for bonding!

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    They should consider themselves at school for a few hours doing homework if they have, and/or work online with their teacher. If they are younger kids then they could have other freely chosen educational activities.Still under an adult supervision of course.

Every single day for all of you it will be mandatory to go outside for at least two hours(!).Our bodies need daylight and proper oxygenation….Especially brain oxygenation!You don’t get this by staying inside the home the whole day..

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You can go in the backyard if you have one,or the balcony or just in front of the house/apartment.If none of these is an option then open the windows as large as you can.

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 If you cannot go outside and move then I would suggest you to exercise for at least 15-20 minutes every day.That if you are not a regular gym person that knows better(LOL).If you have kids then do it together. 

 Because the stay-home seems to be a situation that will last for a few weeks, you should organize the day for every member in the family that you are responsible for.Together you should clean the house,wash the dishes, and put stuff back in place after daily activities.

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 If you don’t do that things could get really bad, and depression WILL find its way in for each and all of you!

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 Remember that exhaustion comes -many times- from the chaotic atmosphere around.Depression is a consequence of chaos in one’s life.Depression is also based on fear.A fear that we don’t even know is there.The fear of not being supported! The fear of losing balance…Fear given by the chaos around us.See what I mean?!

This coronavirus pandemic is such a time filled with chaos.

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And I would stop -once in a while-watching the news ….

Once I lived close to a huge body of water.It was a beautiful house on the bank of the river.I loved the Nature that was all over the place.Alive and vibrant!And I loved the water.

After many days of rain, one morning I woke up to see a gathering of deers and bunnies on our backyard.I mean a lot of them!Beautiful… Right? Their presence didn’t scare me at all.It made me curious....

But soon a neighbor start calling saying that a “big flood” is expected.The man -a former firefighter now on his 80’s- was the local “expert” on these kind of situations. I thank him and went ahead with my day.5 minutes later he called again to tell us that now the level of the water grew by 1/4 of an inch…OK I was still fine…Then 5 minutes later he called again informing us that the level of the water grew by another 1/8 of an inch….And so forth…He called for a few hours…Now I was deeply scared and ready to panic….When he called again I took my family and run to a hotel.

At the hotel though nobody was on any state of panic.They were relaxed and calm.I told them about my neighbor and they start laughing….”Yes he likes to do that with everybody in our community.He likes to inform people.they said.

My point is that, if you listen to the news the whole day long, you will learn things. The reality behind these news is not necessarily the sign for a disaster that will soon wash over you.But rather just a “situation” that might clear faster than they say.The news channels need ratings.Like my neighbor that needed to feel useful (and a bit heroic like he once really was)….They have to make it interesting by maximizing the “emotion” of the news….Even if -many times-they scare the lights out of us!They also get political so very often…:(

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The fact that we stay home is not a reason to skip the daily shower(s)!

Especially now we all need to keep a tight personal hygiene. We also need to wash our food, our clothing and to wash the things we use during the day.

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 I strongly suggest to stay away from alcohol and drugs, including marijuana(!).Being stuck with family or being alone, the use of those, will increase the potential for fights and bad situations to arise!.Hide the guns and keep them locked.Children are amazing at finding hidden things:((

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 Never forget to PRAY please!.To whatever Power you believe in…And if you don’t believe in any Superior Power, just pray to your Higher Self!

I’m absolutely positive Someone will Answer(!).

To me is Jesus!


 I’m absolutely sure that the wonderful people of our World will prevail over this horrible pandemic.The history will have us as the ones who came- together- as- one when they most need it!

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Be blessed and be safe!

Published by angelpazitor

I am an Energy healer with over 40 years experience.I love people and I care about our home: the Earth! My work focuses in helping my clients to get out of their Fear, and step firmly into the Miracle of healing!I believe that God is the Master Creator of Life:)

8 thoughts on “Coronavirus stay -home -time…

  1. Well said, as a New Yorker who is stuck at home and changed my daily routine, I find the points given here very helpful to get us through this hard times. Let’s be hopeful and maintain some normalcy in our lives.

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  2. I wanted to mention that now is a great time for people to focus on a new hobby/interest that they’ve always thought of pursuing but never had enough time for before this pandemic struck.
    Although I cannot work from home, I have taken this isolation period with a positive mindset and have been keeping myself busy with various activities- much in the same way I would have if I were at work. Thanks for the advice!

    Liked by 1 person

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