Coronavirus update…

Some good news:

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Disclaimer: Everything that I’m suggesting in here- although it was verified multiple times over the years- it’s still your decision to make.!I cannot be held responsible for your choice.

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Please ask your physician if you have doubts.Don’t use my suggestions if you have any allergies, are pregnant or if you have any type of skin conditions.

My suggestions:

In my practice I often recommend the use of old-age remedies.It looks that( a lucky break) this virus is reacting like any other virus (that causes flu-like symptoms) to these remedies(!).

Here is one method that reduces the fever and the congestions pretty fast :

For Adults:

You’ll need either the cheapest vodka that you can find or a regular rubbing alcohol.

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The vodka needs to be as natural as you can possible find.I mean with no extra sugar &stuff.It also shouldn’t be cold like in the picture (LOL)

Fill half a glass/cup with warm water then add 6 (six) tablespoons of Vodka.

Take from this mixture in your hands and give a fast rub on the head(never on the face though!), neck, shoulder and torso(chest/back).Then on hands and feet.When you finish, cover well with a hat, scarf and (on top of your t-shirt)a vest or a sweater.Wear socks.

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Keep these on for a couple of hours and please stay inside for the day.Stay away from cold air coming from AC or open doors/windows.

You can drink a camomile tea mixed with linden tea or/and mint.

Use mint in your tea especially if you have diarrhea.

Don’t drink more than one tea a day for max of three days.Don’t use it if you have allergy at any of these.

Results may vary but chances are big that next day you’ll fee very well:))

Children over 7 years old only:

In a glass/cup put warm water and add 3 teaspoon of vodka.Take from this mixture in your hands and give a fast rub on the head, neck,shoulder and torso(chest/back).Then on hands and feet.When you finish, cover well with a hat, scarf and (on top of your t-shirt)a vest or a sweater.Wear socks.

Please make sure you don’t drip the combination in the eyes of the child.If it happens just clean with warm water.

Big Caution: don’t drink the vodka.Use it only for massaging/rubbing.Drinking alcohol while being sick it only makes it worse!Never give alcohol to your children either!

For cough:

Caution:For adults and children over 7 year old only!

a)take a dry cotton towel and spray warm water on it.Make sure it doesn’t drip!

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b)take about 6-7 Kalamata olives.Brown olives.Slice them and remove the seed/pits.

Note: they are not as good if you buy them without the pits.

c) place the olives’s slices on the warmed towel.

d) with your hand/fist spray about 3-4 teaspoons of vodka over the olives slices.I mean like you would roll the dices in a game:)

e) roll the towel like a collar keeping the olives slices inside it.Place this “scarf” around the neck.Cover with another scarf that is dry.

d) Keep this “necklace” for a couple of hours.Stay inside for the day.Don’t drink cold beverages.Camomile tea with linden and honey will help the process as well.


If you think that you don’t know how to do any of the things explained above, please don’t panic! It’s something else that you can definitely do in case your fever goes high…

Do that: Take a cotton towel and soak it in cold water.Not ice but sink cold water.Make sure that it doesn’t drip.Place it on the top of the had until gets hot.Then re-soak it in cold water…Repeat the process until the fever gets down.Because it will!

Note: Keep in mind that by using Advil and/or Tylenol it will only weaken your immune system.Most probably that the fever is going to come back even higher(!).

Obviously I’m not suggesting -by far-that you should take the virus lightly. But I also don’t see the need to panic! Although so many doomsday-scenario- posts are there-especially on YouTube-still this virus is no worse than many others before it!. Unless you take a lot of medication, smoke a lot and /or drink alcohol daily ! Otherwise by doing the right thing you can stop the fever and deal with the situations.

I personally don’t see why people are so desperate to get tested either…What difference they believe would (a 50% confirmation) make since you did interfere with everyone else already?Family and such! It most likely that that will only scare you more making harder for you to heal:(

If you have any flu-like symptoms you should just go ahead and do things to help you recover fast:)

Always remember that -while correctly assessing the reality-positive thinking is a huge stimulant for the brain.Our brain is a Miracle Worker!

It’s my belief that this too is a temporary situation! Be safe:))

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I am an Energy healer with over 40 years experience.I love people and I care about our home: the Earth! My work focuses in helping my clients to get out of their Fear, and step firmly into the Miracle of healing!I believe that God is the Master Creator of Life:)

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