The Split

Are we too many people on Earth?

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There are many scientific voices saying that there are too many people on Earth….And yet that’s not a new idea at all!.In the old Spartan times the weak and “unfit” were killed immediately after birth.The idea that too many people just take from society (and the Earth) instead of giving to it,is not a new one!
Then Eugenics theory got a lot of high-places supporters in modern times too….
Somehow -the man- always looked for ways to be in charge for things that would make him feel more like GOD.Deciding who dies and who lives!

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Yet one big question arises : who decides WHO are the ones entitled to choose what people are to be considered the “surplus” on Earth?!
Although the answer seems obvious to some ….The rich,smart and famous should be the judges on that matter!
Still many physically “unfit” are inside these categories as well!
Therefore we are back to the “egg and chicken”question!

*Get rid of the weak,the old and the disabled…?
*Is a strong body always an indication for a brilliant mind as well?
*Is a rich family -by default-an insurance for a smart body-builder series of children being born? It’s that a given at any time?

The answer to all these questions is definitely NO!
Then why is “science” even going there?
And what really means that there are too many people born on Earth?
There are many places on Earth where there are no people at all!
It’s this consideration based on the cities that are gathering all human societies?Maybe….

The Split

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It looks like we are incarnated and born on Earth in order to learn Spiritual lessons through the means of pain and hardship.Joy is just a “break “ to help us survive all that.Every single Spirit has to go through it!

But-because the lessons seem to be endless -the Spirit found a way to speed up the process.It is splitting!
Is my view that the Split -of- the- Main Spirit can go as high as 300 concomitent lives!
I have 14 at this time.
That means that 14 other “ME” are living -more or less-at the same time here on Earth. Having many ‘Splits” living at the same time is not the same as having multiple personalities.That is (probably)a mishap of this process.

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When a Split dies it comes to reunite with the Main Sprit bringing with it the whole experience it did accumulate on Earth.
After all Splits got back into the Main Spirit, this ONE is free to ascend!
The Main-Spirit goes back to the Source… Leaves the Earth “to be with the Father”.
Then-WOW!- it means that each Main Spirit is a Split of the Father/God/Universal Energy!Is’n that what holy books are saying? Is not that what the Bible is teaching and is promising us?
What if I am right?

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Because if my belief is true then, deciding to get rid of any segment of the population, it would be (like) a…suicide!
We would kill our own Splits making it impossible for us to finish the circle of incarnations.Then we would be probably left to wander the earth forever like a (confused and) lost Energy…
Because we will never get to learn all our Spiritual lessons ! And that’s a condition that cannot be set aside!
A weak, disabled or otherwise affected body or mind is meant to help us become complete at the Spiritual level.It’s still us!

If this process (of killing the surplus)would be allowed to last then God Himself could be affected…Right?The whole Universal Energy (for the lack of a better notion) could be destroyed….
Yet Universal Energy is the Supreme Intelligence! Therefore it will NEVER allow that to happen!I mean even if it will be attempted by an arrogantly unaware human group.
I’m pretty sure that this Universal Law is enforced the same way for any Entities being intra-terrestrial,extraterrestrial or extradimensional…!
The society that will decide
to repeatedly go for a super-genocide IT will be erased itself sooner or later….!

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More about the subject may come later …

Love and hugs to all people stuck in their homes like myself:))

Published by angelpazitor

I am an Energy healer with over 40 years experience.I love people and I care about our home: the Earth! My work focuses in helping my clients to get out of their Fear, and step firmly into the Miracle of healing!I believe that God is the Master Creator of Life:)

7 thoughts on “The Split

  1. Very good read, that’s why we have to understand that God is in all of us and we are part of a whole. Thank you for explaining it this way. It makes total sense.

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  2. This was a very insightful read, I never even knew that soul splitting existed. One question that arises for me is: do you know the other people who contain a piece of your same soul? Or do those people know you exist?

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