The Resurgence of Kindness

The separation that brings us closer

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I used to get very sad and many times quite upset with how some people behave on the road or at the store…
Don’t get me wrong….I am an empath therefore I often enter other people’s emotional field.
It’s how I know when a driver cuts off right in front of me- for no apparent reason- that Nature just gave him/her an urgent call LOL!
He or she had a desperate need to find a bathroom! And I’m happy to let that go…
I can feel and accept when a driver is so worried and/or so upset about something happening in his/her life, that is practically “fighting”everyone around…Or ignoring their surroundings all together!
Same goes for shoppers…
But many times that is not the case.People are being mean and not at all friendly with people around only because they want to!
And I will leave it there…

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The surprise comes now when we all are in a very “weird’ emotional vibration….
Now I would expect to see people cutting off in front of me… I expect to see that man or woman who would cover the ½ of a big shelf with their cart making me wait forever for their decision on a product.
I would expect a bad attitude now when everywhere,in any store,the shelves are almost empty! Now when buying anything feels like a hungry game: who gets first will have it!
But it never happened!
People were (and are) kind and generous.
I can feel their fear! I can feel their anger for the whole pandemic story….But they are not mean nor aggressive with each other anymore!?!

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To me this generosity, this new found softness of the soul that people are showing is so touching!! The way my fellow citizens are behaving is completely restoring my faith in our FUTURE!
Separation Brings us closer!
Even on YouTube -with a few exceptions-most people are working hard to uplift the mood to restore the HOPE!That makes a huge difference! This way the collective BRAIN will bring good changes upon this otherwise awful situation!

Neighbors (or just strangers) are asking neighbors (other people) how they are coping with life at this time…And they are really waiting to hear the answer!!
Nobody just expects you to say “I’m doing great,thank you!”and go on with what you were doing.They really want to know!.They really want to help!

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People are beyond worried.People are very scared…But our people prefer to encourage each other….They are channeling their emotions into a big spring cleaning of their home or a flowers planting in the yard….They are holding back their tears, they are pushing back their anxiety only to make others feel better!They even joke once in a while making (good) fun of the moment…It’s called being GREAT!

I’m so in love with the Human Being at this moment that my heart barely keeps it in check!I
I’m that kind of person that always looks for the best in people…And I hurt badly when they disappoint me on that!
Then pandemics or tornadoes or floods or earthquakes are happening and PEOPLE show how GREAT THEY ARE again!!

That is the real Human Being!That is who we really are as a Specie!

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It’s my view that- this particular pandemic- is not a natural one…Some dark forces spread it from above…Long arguments here that I don’t want to go to:(

I’m desperately sorry for the lives that were and will be lost! My heart brakes under the force of the waves of pain that are washing over it, coming from the whole world!
At the same time-as I said- I’m so PROUD of who we are deep down in our hearts….
It feels like- at this moment- everyone became an Empath…People hurt from their suffering and people hurt from other’s fear and suffering….People understand each other!And that’s both Horrible, and Amazingly Beautiful!!
All I hope it’s that our Civilization will learn well this harsh Collective Lesson…This Lesson on Love and Generosity!
Because- if we do learn it-this lesson could jump-start a new ERA for us on Earth. A more creative,more peaceful,more beneficial ERA!

The TV show of Ancient Aliens said- in quite a few episodes -that in history entire civilizations simply disappeared with no traces!
They assume that a big pandemic or other disaster (or evil entities)forced these people to behave in completely unexpected ways…Whatever these “ways” were, nobody knows…

I do feel that this coronavirus (Covid-19) is such a PIVOTAL moment for us, when everything is shifting into something Big and Unexpected. Something that is yet to come!. It could wipe us off the Earth or it could move us on a very Heavenly New Earth all together!

It’s my Faith and my understanding of Universal Energy/GOD that make me believe that -even the darkest forces in the world -cannot prevail in the presence of the Collective Forces of LOVE…

And -if I am right- we WILL PREVAIL!

Love and hugs,

Published by angelpazitor

I am an Energy healer with over 40 years experience.I love people and I care about our home: the Earth! My work focuses in helping my clients to get out of their Fear, and step firmly into the Miracle of healing!I believe that God is the Master Creator of Life:)

3 thoughts on “The Resurgence of Kindness

  1. Maybe it was time to stop our lives for a moment and start thinking about what makes us human, and show gratitude about life itself- the possibility of enjoying nature, walking, seeing each other, and above all- being able to still breathe.

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  2. It’s true that the toughest times are when people realize how much love and care surrounds them. It’s bitter that a dreadful event is what it takes for humanity to come together; to be more sympathetic and help each other out. Why can’t we be like this each and every day?! However, I am glad to see the goodness in people takes over and allows us to move forward.

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