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Q:Are the Testing Kits faulty or are they correct?

That’s very hard to say…But as long as the same person could test positive as well as negative in the same day or the same week, I do believe that it’s safe to assume that they are faulty.

Q: Who is going to test positive for Covid19?

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It’s my personal belief that most people (if not all), that had the Flu vaccination at any time, will always test positive for any virus pertaining to the corona family.My belief is based on many scientists and medical practitioners’s opinion, as well as is based on my own medical-intuitive findings(!).

Same goes for many other vaccines like those for TB or HEP.

Obviously there are also people that did get the virus by being exposed to it while traveling to places, where the virus was brought to.If it was brought by mistake or by intent that is for other people to decide!.

Q:Is it better to stay outdoors?

Definitely yes! It’s safer to be outside playing or walking, gardening or just sitting on a bench, rather than staying inside the house with the whole family.Or even by yourself….So many factors are against one’s health when trapped in the home… But if you have no better choice (your state keeps you in), then just open windows for as long as you possibly can!.

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Word of caution : Just stay away from draft! When a door and a window (or two windows/doors) on the opposite sides are open, the movement of the air could make you sick(commune cold).Especially if you exercise or sweat for any reason.I just had many requests for assistance based on that mistake people often make.Back pain and (many kind of)congestion are amongst the most frequent type of pain/discomfort caused by cold air washing over a sweaty body.And that’s especially dangerous for children!.

Remember that a tracer coming to your house and finding you with a cold, WILL most likely account you for covid19!

Q: Is this virus worse than other corona type viruses?

This looks like a dangerous question to answer these days…Therefore I will only give you my view (that is based) on my own findings.Findings that come from cases that I studied(long distance!) very carefully.If my opinion it’s happening to coincide with that of other specialists, then I’m happy!.But if it will contradict what seems to be the political view on the matter, then I do not apologize for it…I will only advise you to check with many sources before accepting any opinion!

No, I don’t think-and I didn’t think from the beginning-that it is as bad as “they” say it is.The computer model was far from correct!And it’s not hard to understand why….A computer needs to be fed information in order to come up with a model….So whatever inaccurate initial information was put into that software, it created the disastrous model!.By design or not, it was grossly misleading the whole world….That’s why -at least for now-no AI could replace a “hands on” evaluation of such situation(!).

In a previous post I suggested a few natural remedies.Please go back and read if you need help:))

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Q:Do you believe vaccines are necessary?

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Vaccines might have been necessary long time ago, when people had no conditions or knowledge to keep a personal and a social hygiene hard enough at all times.Today when people are smarter, far more educated and better informed, they are definitely in a better position to keep it clean.Therefore vaccines are just an old and a completely outdated form of prevention.Leave alone that many times, instead of preventing, they actually created the disease!.Vaccines are a primitive and an absolute invasive/cruel method that should have been given up a long time ago.They teach us pain and hostility from the first breath we take on Earth:(

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Unfortunately these days we are also living in the era of crazy people (with God-complex mental diseases), that are modifying the viruses and bacterias making them more deadly!.Then -that means that-the vaccines are absolutely not the answer to keep us healthy anyway….

Once – some 16 years ago-I spoke to a famous pediatrician about the vaccines for herpesHe told me this: “they’ll never be efficient since herpetic roots are like the flu: so many strains that no vaccine can be made to cover all of possible old/new ones!”.I still find his view to be totally correct!

Q: Is the mask protecting against the spread of the virus?

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Personally I don’t think it is.I noticed that this virus-like most such viruses- is spreading if someone is using another person’s mask or it is eating from the same plate with the same utensils.Or if someone is drinking from the same glass with an infected person.Also through kissing or having intercourse.But is not staying in the air (or on the objects)when someone just breathe on or gets close by.Unless an infected person is heavily sneezing into your face or spits on you, I don’t think the virus will get to you by simply being close to other people.

And definitely people should not wear a mask while they are driving their own car.The mask-depends on how is made-could prevent a proper breathing.The lack of oxygen to the brain could cause dizziness.

Q:What about social distancing then?

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In my view -being afraid of people-it is completely against the Human Nature:((

I dedicated my life to helping people heal from FEAR of all kinds.Therefore my love for the human being is in direct opposition with social distancing.

In my many years of practice I found that human closeness and interaction are very therapeutic.Social closeness is an absolute source of healing energy.

People should never be afraid to be themselves, to trust God or -at any time- to ask for what is theirs by the law of God….

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Stay safe and be informed. But always follow your heart!

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I am an Energy healer with over 40 years experience.I love people and I care about our home: the Earth! My work focuses in helping my clients to get out of their Fear, and step firmly into the Miracle of healing!I believe that God is the Master Creator of Life:)

2 thoughts on “Because you asked me

  1. I am so glad that you posted these answers. We have been wondering the same things since the beginning of the pandemic. A vaccine is not an answer for this disease as a lot of people are expecting, and the measures with tracing sick people or developing an app that tells you if you are in proximity to someone who had the virus will create more damage and more tension between people. And you should not be afraid of someone who already had the virus, on the contrary, you want to have their antibodies.

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  2. Thanks so much for answering these questions all in one place! I think the fear being propagated is going to have more far-reaching consequences long after we return to our normal, daily routines. Ever since the quarantine began, people are scared of others walking in the streets and go to extreme measures to avoid others. The long-term impact upon society is concerning. Hopefully, we can get past this together.


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