About us

About us

Healing Energy Inc is a small family owned company.The name is new but the company itself has been active for almost 26 years here in US.​
The company’s main purpose is to provide assistance for holistic restoration of the Subtle (Bio) Energy of one’s body.Meaning Life Energy! Yet my work has many other aspects with respect to my clients’ life.
As a professional I earned the degree of Ph.D in Metaphysics in September 1997.
I also earned many other titles and certifications.I’m duly ordained as a Minister by the Spiritualist Church of Sedona since December 1994.

I am a Holistic Life Coach and I have a Master in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

For all of these wonderful programs I’m very grateful! The work it took me to complete them, helped me to grow as a practitioner here in the United States!.They guided my understanding of American laws and gave me the overall perspective of my field.
But what makes my work really valuable and unique is my gift of being a Medical Intuitive as well as my gift of Healing itself(!).My ability to cause positive changes in the Energy that makes us humans.

I used to get my clients mainly through recommendation.I always prefer that people learn -who I am and what I can do for them-from my former or present clients rather than myself.By sharing their positive experience – my clients- can better explain how happy they are with the results of our association.
Nevertheless today that changed a lot…!
Since the Internet makes it so easy to connect with many people -that I never actually see in person!- they get the benefit of my evaluation and/or healing sessions anytime and -better yet!-anywhere.The feedback is great!

The results are amazing!

The long-distance work is not only saving time and energy, but is also giving -to the prospective client- the level of trust that will be making both of us comfortable from the start(!).People get to stay in their homes and still get the best help ever :).We can talk only when we feel comfortable talking or/and anytime we need to communicate!
I do add to my Healing Energy session(s) the suggestions that will help my clients navigate the complicated road of “taking care of themselves”,together with the”hands-on” work that I provide on their picture.

My evaluation is not changing ,replacing nor confirming the diagnostic that the medical doctor gave them.

Because people should always check with their doctor first!
And yet -this Medical Intuitive- evaluation will help my clients making a better choice with regard to the course of treatment and lifestyle changes they should consider.They will be more confident with regard to their best choice available when more than one opinion comes into play.
My sessions do not promise a cure for any stated condition.Yet the beneficial changes that my Healing Energy session is initiating, can determine the correction or even remission of such condition!.They will add to the overall well-being, and -pretty often-can even help certain drugs to work better and/or to have less damaging consequences.

I strongly believe that THE MOST important thing about healing is that it helps you feel confident and safe!.It lets you know that you are at the right “place” with the best professional assistance!You’ll know that is everything natural with no toxic side effects.Ever!

I hope to talk to you soon:)

May God bless you all with health,wealth and happiness!

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