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Natural healing is the Science and the Art of God

What is natural healing ?

Natural healing seems to be as old as the human existence (is) on Earth.
It is God’s Science and Art of Health!
Although it is the best Health Care Science ever, that is still not always a perfect match for our 21st Century’s rushing lifestyle!.
Probably because the Natural Info​rmation is filtered by our “modern” (lack of) understanding of who we really are.
In fact we are created perfectly able to function without any outside mechanical or chemical help.​Strongly connected to the Power that delivered us were we(still are) supposed to feed, heal and develop based on this connection only(!).Nature is meant to provide us with any means necessary to an absolutely safe existence.But we have changed and imbalanced the Natural Order of Things by our Ego’s Damaging Work for centuries.
Then people- like myself -were born healers in order to remind everyone -as much as possible- about our Natural Power and Gifts with regard to life on Earth.
Yet Healing Energy assistance is not a service to be offered (lightly).It is a service to be asked for -mindfully!- by the one seeking help!.
That’s because a healer is not in the business of convincing people to do the right thing for their life.But rather to work with people that already decided to do the right thing for their life….

That’s why I prefer to get my clients through recommendation.
Fortunately -in my over 40 years experience in the field of Healing- I can confidently say that an awful lot of people wake up every day to this old reality….Reality that was almost forgotten for “a while”-!
I’m amazed and happily (still)surprised to see how many of them today prefer “natural ways and natural remedies” to more chemical and mechanical help!
I’m also very happy to see that more and more people are seeking education and information about Natural healing(!).
It’s a real joy to see more and more people born with the Gift of Healing as well.
That could mean only one thing : it’s working great!
Therefore my success as an Energy Healer is (one of)your proof that the Energy that created us –I call it God-is still the only One who can Heal us Naturally(!).

If you decide to give it a try just ask around, learn from people that got their Life back by working with me.Every person that got his/her health back is one of my very successful stories.Because by the end of that story-any story!- it’s all about people getting the help that they were desperately seeking from professionals that they can trust!

That’s why I am here for you:)

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