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I met so many people in my career…From all over the World!

I helped many and many helped me.To all these people that were my clients, my friends, my mentors or my critics I’m for ever grateful!


The daily “Romania Libera” hereby certifies that it has constantly dealt both with Mrs.Daniella Tudose’s activity as a well known Romanian bio-energetician and her life.

Two reporters,….,have talked on several occasions with Mrs.Tudose and have consequentially published- mainly on the paper’s front page-several articles about her activity.They have gathered numerous testimonies and proofs regarding almost miraculously healed cases…..Mrs.Tudose’s healing activity was presented on several TV programs at the Romanian Television-TVR.

Mrs. Daniella Tudose was also invited by the state-owned radio station “Romania Tineret”(p.n.Romanian Youth) to speak about her gift and result as a healer.”

Romania Libera(p.n Free Romania)


“…I have met and tested Ms.Tudose in October of 1993.Ms.Tudose does indeed have the gift of a faith healer.She apparently works with the cerebral activity of a patient,namely the subconscious…..,

A major point seems to be that she is able to keep the balance between the patients and avoiding exaggerated claims.For most healers it is very difficult to get such a sober self-assesment.

It is my understanding that Ms.Tudose is a most highly respected and well known faith healer in her native Romania.She has also established an international reputation and provided services over the past several years throughout the world,including Japan,Israel,Germany,and the United States.

….It is my opinion that Ms.Tudose is a faith healer of exceptional ability and that she has demonstrated legitimacy in her practice which is particularly critical in an endeavor such as this. 

Ms Tudose has demonstrated to me that she has the power and the ability to help people in a profound way and that she also bears the responsibility of her gift is a very caring and careful manner.”

Dr.Dr.Walter von Lucadou

Wissenschftliche Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Parapsychologie E.v.

P.N:Dr .Walter von Lucadou lives in Germany.Yet the most part of his studies were done here in United States.I personally feel blessed and honored for the chance that God gave me to meet this wonderful man.


“ a journalist I have an ethical responsibility to carefully investigate the efficacy and the background of all claims being made by individuals prior to airing the program.To this end I have carefully delved into Ms.Tudose’s accomplishments and background in United States and Europe.It is apparent from all experts that I have met with and documented testimonial results from patients and doctors alike,that Ms.Tudose is a holistic healer with extraordinary gifts and abilities and her talents and expertise have been recognized by great experts in the field of alternative medicine and holistic healing.

….What is more amazing about Ms.Tudose’s work is that in an area prone to attract those who may not be well meaning,Ms.Tudose has clearly demonstrated legitimacy in her practice,and an exceptional power and ability to help people in a most profound manner.”

Bill McCreary

Vice President/Executive Producer

WNYW- FOX5-New York

(Rest in Peace beautiful friend!)


“While working at Estee Lauder,Daniella has demonstrated her ability to transmit her energy into inanimate objects to a measurable extent,imparting new and unique properties to these objects.She was gradually able to convince skeptics,firmly grounded in the scientific disciplines,that there are forces beyond our understanding.

Stefania Daniella Tudose is trully an unique individual gifted in ways that are beyond our capacity to comprehend.With that gift comes a high moral standard that is uncompromisable.

I am sincerely proud and personally grateful to be associated with Daniella.”

Joe Gubernick

Sr.Vice President 

Research &Development


….”Dr.Daniella Tudose has been a consultant to the Estee Lauder’s Corporate product Innovation Group since October of 2000.The group is responsible for ideas and development of new products for 9 divisions of the Estee Lauder Companies Inc.These nine divisions are charged to produce in excess of $250,000,000. in new product lunches each year.

Stefania (p.n.Daniella) has made major contribution to product Innovation Group.Her insights into consumer motivations,her broad technical skills,her incredible intuitive capacity and her ability to distal the complicated into the simple has made her an invaluable creative partner.Stefania’s ability to connect with people in an unthreatening way makes her services as a consultant doubly valuable.I have known Stefania for many years and would highly recommend her talents for any endeavor.”

Joe Gubernick

Senior Vice President

Corporate Product Development…



“In consulting with patients whom I have treated,whose illnesses and diagnostic reports I knew well,but which she knew nothing,Dr.Tudose diagnosed their underlying conditions with exceptional acuity.On this basis alone I can say she is a highly gifted medical intuitive.In assisting patients to rebalance their physical,mental and spiritual energies,she constantly has shown compassion and deep concern for the needs of individual patients….On the basis of all the impressions above I can recommend with confidence her services as adjuncts to therapeutic protocols for any disease.”

A.Chu Fong M.D.,RPh.

The Institute of Applied Bio Chemistry-Hematology-Oncology

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