Welcome to long distance healing

Long distance healing sessions are the most convenient form of assistance.This kind of healing is received in the comfort of your own home far from any outside interference.You have full privacy!

Then you have the choice to email me all your questions or concerns.

I am addressing all these based on your request and/or my understanding of your body’s needs at that time.You’ll get plenty of my suggestions on how to help yourself for a better and faster result.

My answer comes -many times-instantly!.

How I work:

I am working -for the most part- with the brain’s Energy.I’m sending suggestions -through the energy field-to the brain in such a manner that the brain is recognizing them. Then the brain is using these suggestions to correct the body’s situation and re-establish full balance to it.The type of Energy that I’m using is the same Energy that any living entity is using to exist.

The best part of my work is that is pain free/toxicity free/side effects free. And is best done while you are sleeping at night!

Disclaimer : Daniella Tudose Ph.D,and /or Healing Energy Inc are not responsible for the way the client is understanding to associate healing sessions with his/her daily routine.None can be held legally responsible or in any other way considered at fault.

The client has the duty to consult with their physician before requesting the sessions.

Note : If you agree with everything that I mentioned above, then you should send me a picture of yourself (alone) looking into the camera.No glasses or lenses please.

I also need your full name and DOB.A brief description of your condition/medical diagnostic is also expected.

Note: The payment has to go to my account before I can schedule your session.Still you’ll need to send me an email first.In my answer to that email I’ll let you when/if I have available days for sessions.Your understanding is highly appreciate:)

Thank you!

Long distance healing sessions ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

This is private and personal.Ideally you'll need three sessions for the first month. Note: please do not send the fee before sending me an email first.I'll let you know when/if I have available days for sessions.Thank you!


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