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I wrote to Daniella because I couldn’t sleep for a long time.Medication made me feel worse every day.I had to find a more natural remedy…The bad thing was that I didn’t believe there is one.But I decided to go for Daniella’s long distance help…I thought that the worst that could happen is to…have nothing happening at all!I never expected to have improvements leave alone to heal..:(

But I was wrong 🙂

I start sleeping from the first night!I change my life style at Daniella’s suggestions and…I got back to being myself again.I’m beyond grateful and happy!Thank you!

Paula D. (N.Y.,NY).

When my friend told me what his experience with Daniella’s sessions was I didn’t know what to believe!I knew how sick he used to be…Yet I assumed that he went the traditional way….But he didn’t.

I took his advice….

Today I’m absolutely thrilled by my experience with your assistance! My digestion was never better.My whole life changed in a way that I could never imagine possible!

I will enroll in your maintenance program when you’ll have a spot :).Thank you doctor!

Mikhael B.(L.A.)

Dear Daniella my son has night terror attacks pretty often…I tried everything I could.I’m tired and desperately worried about him.Please help!

Dear Daniella I have no idea what you did but THANK YOU!!.I will follow your suggestions.I’m sure my son will be fine from now on.I cannot wait to meet you in person.Love Laura P.N (Greece).

Yes I drink a lot! I smoke grass too.But I know that if I don’t stop I’ll die soon.I don’t want to die!Please help me!.My mother took me to a reiki healer.Personally I think that these people are charlatans.Are you like them?Can you heal? Can a healer help me stop?!! But if your work it’s something religious never mind my request…I know that God doesn’t trust me as I don’t trust him…

Dear Daniella now you know me better than I ever knew me myself!You also know that words are not my strongest suit…I love you and my fiancee is the next to ask for your assistance.Probably after my mother LOL

PS: I got the job!!!!Thank you for that too:))

Endless gratitude from Alexei(L.V).

Daniella my back is killing me.I had surgery…I also went to physical therapy.I still do that.But nothing last.I get a bit of relief and then go back to being miserable!Do you think that your method could help me?I read your release note and I got skeptical…I mean you do say that you don’t cure anything but “my brain does it”…Why wasn’t my brain doing it so far?

My dear doctor! I know you don’t want me to call that but I want to!!

Nobody in my family believed me when I was always in a bad mood because of the constant pain…They assumed I’m a weirdo that likes to complain all day log…Many times all night long too…

You gave me my personality back!

I was free from pain for two month now…I feel that I will always be in control of my body as long as I follow your suggestions.As long as I can tell you when something goes wrong…I know that you, my dear doctor, will FIX it like magic!!!

Thank you Daniella!

Peter K (Germany).

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